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Located 8 miles north of Reno, Nevada, Silver Lake is near the intersection of Highway 395 and Red Rock Road at the base of Peavine mountain. The nearby residential area of Silver Knolls overlooks the lake and Stead Airport, where the exciting Reno Air Races take place every September.

If you would like more information about Silver Knolls send us an e-mail with your questions...

The next SKCO Board Meeting is Tuesday, February 21st at 6:30 pm, at our Community Room in the firehouse, 11525 Red Rock Road. Also available on Zoom. We welcome your attendance.

Welcome to the Silver Knolls Community Organization's website

Latest News

The 31st Annual Silver Spurs 4-H Consignment Tack Sale is coming up Sunday, February 19. 8 am to 3 pm. Save the date. More information here.


Open burning begins December 1st and goes through the 31st. You will need a current burn permit which is available on the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District website at

Spruce and Sparkle Christmas decorating contest is on again for the Second Year!

Sorry for the delay, but finally, at long last....the judging tally's are done!

High Score Most Attractive: 1st Place:  200.5 points 10125 Crockett. 2nd Place: 157 Points 10170 Crockett. 3rd Place: 152 Points 10145 Bodie.

High Score Best Use of Color: First Place: 86 points 10125 Crockett. Second Place: 64 points10400 Silver Spur. Third Place: 63 Points 10145 Bodie

High Score Animated: First Place: 17 points 10125 Crockett. Second Place: 16 Points 10170 Crockett. Third Place: 12 Points 11140 Larson Ranch

High Score Humor: First Place: 23 points 10170 Crockett. Second Place: 15.5 Points 10300 Crockett. Third Place: 13 Points 10145 Bodie

High Score Kids Choice: First Place: 97 points 10125 Crockett. Second Place: 77 Points 10240 Pathfinder. Third Place: 69 Points 10300 Crockett

Looks like Crockett cleans up again!!!! We will be contacting the winners. Stay tuned. Happy Holidays!



Did you know that Washoe County has designated Silver Knolls as a dark skies area? That means we need to shield our brightest lights to shine down rather than out.

Community Yard Sales - 59 families signed up for our Annual Community Yard Sale in June 2022. Saturday went very well, but the weather didn't co-operate on Sunday. Black clouds, windy and cold. It even rained briefly at one point.

Do you have a reflective blue address sign? They are still available. Text or call Dale at 775-772-3750 and leave a message that you want a blue sign. She will call you back and you can place your order. She asks that you make a minimum donation to the charity of your choice and present the receipt to either the SKCO Board, or to her at pick up / delivery. In an emergency, if the fire department or ambulance needs to find your house, these signs are a huge help, day or night.

Cub Scouts do fun things with other kids! They get to wear a cool uniform, learn fun things, and go places. They play all kinds of games and build things, like race cars and bird houses. Want to learn about nature? Want to learn about wild animals? Go Cub Scouting! We are Pack 127 of the North Valleys, meeting at 6 pm Wednesdays at the Community Room at Fire Station #430 Silver Lake (11525 Red Rock Road). Cub Scouts is a year-round family oriented program designed for boys and girls, kindergarten through 5th grade. Parents, Leaders and organizations work together. Scouting develops character, leadership, communication skills and good citizenship. We invite you to come visit our Pack. For more information please contact April Mendoza at 530-927-8393 or Maureen O?Brien at 775-851-3907. Thank you!

The North Valleys Master Plan in pdf format, from the Washoe County Department of Community Development, adopted 2010. Click HERE for a link to the Cab Meetings and more information. 

Neighborhood Watch:
The residents of Silver Knolls have formed a very active Neighborhood Watch group. Join us!
Contact Neighborhood Watch by email at

Bylaws: Current Silver Knolls Community Organization Bylaws, approved by membership May 2017; in pdf format.

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